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Lista președinților Statelor Unite ale Americii după poreclele avute

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Aceasta este o listă a poreclelor fiecărui Președinte al Statelor Unite ale Americii. It is worth noting that most of these are political nicknames, the remainder are initialism, personal nicknames (Jimmy, Cleveland) or personal endearments (Poppy).

# Președinte Porecle
45 Donald Trump
44 Barack Obama No Drama Obama
43 George W. Bush W, often pronounced "Dubya" in Texas style
43, or Bush 43
Bush Jr.
Bush the Younger
Shrub (used by Molly Ivins as the title of a book)
Bush II
Bush fils
Uncurious George or Incurious George
The Smirking Chimp (used in the name of a well-known anti-Bush web site)
Chimpy and many variants such as Chimpy McFlightsuit
King George (with strong allusion to King George III, the monarch the Thirteen Colonies rebelled against during the American Revolution)
aWol and AWOL Bush
Resident Bush
42 Bill Clinton Comeback Kid
Big Dog
Elvis (his Secret Service code name)[necesită citare]
"The first black president" (coined by Chris Rock, later used by Toni Morrison, Clinton as the First Black President, The New Yorker October 5, 1998])

42, a play on the 41 and 43 nicknames of the Bushes and Clinton's post-presidency relationship to Bush 41.
Slick Willie
BJ Clinton
The Big Creep, based on the infamous conversation between Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky
Ol' Slick
(As with Jimmy Carter, President Clinton is better known by his nickname "Bill" than by his legal name, William Jefferson Clinton.)

41 George H. W. Bush 41, or Bush 41
Bush Sr.
Bush I
Bush the Elder
Daddy Bush
Bush père
40 Ronald Reagan The Gipper - after his role as George "The Gipper" Gipp in the film Knute Rockne, All American
The Great Communicator
Ronnie Raygun - a term coined in the introduction to the song Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man sung by Joan Baez and Jeffrey Shurtleff at the 1969 Woodstock Festival."
Teflon President/Teflon Ron - because supposedly nothing negative "stuck" on him
Dutch Reagan
Rawhide (his Secret Service codename)
Rockin' Ronnie, or Rotten Ronnie (depending on one's view of Reagan)
The Great Prevaricator
39 Jimmy Carter Peanut Farmer
Jimmy Peanut
(As Carter's legal first name is "James"; "Jimmy" is actually a nickname. Carter successfully sued to be placed upon the ballot as "Jimmy" in several states.)
38 Gerald Ford Jerry
Mr. Nice Guy
37 Richard Nixon Tricky Dick
The Trickster
Gloomy Gus (law school nickname)
Richard the Chicken-Hearted (because he would not debate Hubert Humphrey during the 1968 U.S. presidential campaign)
Iron Pants
36 Lyndon B. Johnson LBJ
Landslide Lyndon—ironically dubbed for his 87-vote victory in a Senate primary
35 John F. Kennedy JFK
King of Camelot - after the King Arthur legend, specifically after the 1960 musical Camelot
Lancer (his Secret Service codename))
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower Ike
Alarmist Ike (so called by fellow officers in 1939, because he was sure the U.S. would be involved in a war)
Gloomy Face (while a cadet at West Point)
Great Delegator
33 Harry S. Truman Give 'Em Hell Harry
Haberdasher Harry
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR
That Man in the White House [1]
Roosevelt II
31 Herbert Hoover Hermit Author of Palo Alto
Great Humanitarian
Great Engineer
Defender of Helpless Children
The Great Engineer
30 Calvin Coolidge Silent Cal
29 Warren G. Harding President Hardly
Babbit in the White House (reference to a title character in a Sinclair Lewis novel)
Great Handshaker
28 Woodrow Wilson Schoolmaster of Politics
Coiner of Weasel Words
The Pacifist ProfessorFormat:Citationneeded
27 William Howard Taft Big Bill
Smiling Bill
26 Theodore Roosevelt Teddy (he personally disliked this nickname)
Rough Rider
Roosevelt I
the Cyclone Assemblyman
the Hero of San Juan Hill
The Lion
25 William McKinley Idol of Ohio
Stocking-footed Orator
The front porch campaigner
23 Benjamin Harrison White House Iceberg
Kid Gloves Harrison
22/24 Grover Cleveland Hangman of Buffalo
Veto President
Uncle Jumbo
The Beast of Buffalo
21 Chester A. Arthur Gentleman Boss
Elegant Arthur
20 James A. Garfield Preacher President
Boatman Jim
19 Rutherford B. Hayes Old Eight to Seven
His Fraudulency
Granny Hayes
President De Facto
Great Unknown
18 Ulysses S. Grant U.S. Grant
Unconditional Surrender Grant
17 Andrew Johnson Father of the Homestead Act
Sir Veto
Tennessee Tailor
King Andy
16 Abraham Lincoln Honest Abe
The Rail-Splitter
The Great Emancipator (for the emancipation of the slaves)
15 James Buchanan Ten-cent Jimmy
Old Public Functionary
Old Buck
14 Franklin Pierce Young Hickory of Granite Hills
Handsome Frank
13 Millard Fillmore His Accidency
Wool-Carder President
12 Zachary Taylor Old Rough and Ready
Old Zach
11 James K. Polk Young Hickory
Napoleon of the Stump
10 John Tyler His Accidency
President without a party
9 William Henry Harrison Ol' Tippecanoe
Granny Harrison
8 Martin Van Buren Machiavellian Belshazzar
Old Kinderhook (possible origin of "OK")
Red Fox of Kinderhook
Little Magician
Martin Van Ruin
7 Andrew Jackson Old Hickory
Hero of New Orleans
King Andy
6 John Quincy Adams Old Man Eloquent
King John II
5 James Monroe Last of the Cocked Hats
James the Lesser
James the Second
4 James Madison Father of the Constitution
Little Man of the Palace
Sage of Montpelier
Withered Little Apple-John (so-called by Washington Irving)
Fugitive President (since he was forced to flee the White House in 1814, during the War of 1812) Little Jemmy
3 Thomas Jefferson Father of the Declaration of Independence
Long Tom
Negro President - for his victory in the election of 1800, won because of the three-fifths compromise
Red Fox
Sage of Monticello
Moonshine Philosopher of Monticello
Noble Agrarian
2 John Adams His Rotundity
Atlas of Independence
Colossus of Debate
Old Sink or Swim
Your Superfluous Excellency (called by Benjamin Franklin when Adams was vice president)
1 George Washington Father of His Country
Sword of the Revolution
The General
American Fabius - for his military strategy during the Revolutionary War
The American Cincinnatus
Town Destroyer - used by some Iroquois


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