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  • The application of factor analysis (FA) in evaluating supplier selection criteria in PT. Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk and ranking suppliers using integration of analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and adaptive ratio assessment (ARAS)Tri Wahyuningsih, Agus Ristono, Ahmad Muhsin
  • Survey of Blowfish Algorithm for Cloud Shamil Ezadeen, Auday H. Alwattar
  • Analyze of multipurpose ship main dimensions designed by technical criterion Yordan Denev
  • Analytical Study of the Penetration of Long Rod Projectiles with Conical and Blunt Nose in Normal and Oblique Ceramic Targets Bahman Salimi ; Khodadad Vahedi ; Amin Moslemi Petrudi; Masoud Rahmani, Ionut Cristian Scurt
  • Simulation of an electro-hydraulic circuit for ALARS I.C. Duțu, T. Axinte, O. Vlăduț, R. Damian, M.Fl. Duțu
  • Increase in average crop and leanness of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Pelita) at Pt Itci Hutani Manunggal, Kutai Kartanegara Regency Legowo Kamarubayana, Zuhdi Yahaya, Hasanuddin
  • Modeling and fault detection of a turbofan engine by deep-learning approach Offole Florence, Essola Dieudonné, Fohoue Kennedy, Kamgua Piam, Mela Rodrigue, Issonj Nelson
  • Constructing a Software Tool to Optimize Performance by Coupling DetectionTawfeeq Mokdad Tawfeeq
  • Types of 3D Printers Applied in Industrial Pharmacy and Drug Delivery Fatima Jalal Al-Gawhari, Ali A. Mohammed Ali
  • The influence of the post-isometric relaxation technique of the iliopsoas muscle on the functional abbreviation of the lower limb. Case study. Anna Puchalska-Sarna, Michal Sarna, Victor Touma, Joanna Touma, Krzysztof Puchalski
  • Emotion Regulation, the Function of Stress Hormones & Digital Technologies Vasiliki Bravou, Anna Maria Stella Driga, Athanasios Drigas
  • Review. The story of melanocyte: long way from bench to bedside Atefeh Shahbazi, Seyed Jalal Zargar, Nasrin Motamed, Nasser Aghdami, Saeed Shafieyan
  • Intermittent Oxygen Fasting and Digital Technologies: from Antistress and Hormones Regulation to Wellbeing, Bliss and Higher Mental States Athanasios Drigas, Eleni Mitsea, Charalampos Skianis
  • Neonatal mortality rates at Al-Sadar city 2015 – 2019 Hiba A. Rasheed, Huda S. Saeed Al Jadiri, Eman A. Al-Kaseer
  • Legal status of Cannabidiol Nicoleta Mirela Blebea
  • Nutritious Diet, Physical Activity and Mobiles. The Game Changers of ADHD Anestis Fotoglou, Ioanna Moraiti, Apostolis Diamantis, Vasilis Stergios, Zoe Gavriilidou , Athanasios Drigas
  • The Tendency of Faculty Members to the Organizational Culture based on Denison Model: A Case Study of Kunduz University Abdul Mahmood Sadry, Shokrullah Zeerak, Wahida Yaqobi Popalzai
  • Factors affecting work motivation of employees in small and medium steel enterprises in Long An province Ninh Thi Bich Thuy
  • Special Educators’ Preference in Assessing Students With Special Needs Amidst Pandemic Venus M. Cortes, Sueila Anne S. Vano, Keziah Simbajon, Audrey Ann Villaflor, Patricia Joy Lisondra, Jenny Mae Mayot
  • Social Media Portraits and YouTubers during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Supadiyanto, Sudaru Murti
  • Context Clues Knowledge and Reading Comprehension Skills of Grade 10 Students Cynthia O. Jomocan, Ma.Judy B. Legaspi
  • Effect of human capital on economic growth in the province Bengkul Teguh Dwiarsyah, Alfansi Lizar, Yefriza
  • Stock price determination in property sector companies S. Anggela, Y. Ariesa, R. Gozali, R. Wati, D. Savitri
  • Assessing Actors Involvement In The Establishing Veterinary and Animal Welfare Using Network Analysis; An Evidence From West Papua, Indonesia Makarius Bajari, Deny A. Iyai
  • Can the MIT App Inventor® application be integrated into soil protection strategies? Bogdan-Vasile CIORUȚA, Mirela COMAN
  • ydrogen Storage in Offshore Salt Caverns for Reducing Ships Carbon Dioxide Footprint (Iulian Vlăducă, Cristian Valentin Nechifor, Mirela-Letiția Vasile, Cosmin Petru Suciu, Petre Gabriel Badea, Teodor Stănescu, Răzvan-Edmond Nicoară, Emilia Georgiana Prisăcariu, Ramona-Manuela Stanciuc, Sorin Popescu, Stela Dinescu, Ana-Maria Obreja)
  • Piecewise-defined function for effectively implementing the audio volume automation (Lucian Lupsa-Tataru)
  • Investigation on torque ripple minimization in switched reluctance motor by using different techniques associated with TSF taking into account of magnetic saturation effects (Sissinvou Manassé, Youmssi André , Kenmoe Fankem E. D , Guidkaya Golam)
  • Real-time Face Tracking for Service-Robot (Dhuha Basheer Abdullah, MohanadRafaa Alnuaimy)
  • Computing the Cost of Service Projects in Telkaif Town Using Soft Sets and Soft Topology (Sabih W. Askandar)
  • Software Size Estimation: A survey (Aeshaa L . Al-Saleem , Asma’a Y. Hammo)
  • Benefits, Drawbacks, and the Path Forward for Nuclear Fission (Theodore Ganea)
  • A crowdsensing cloud-based microservice for weather forecast (Dimitris Selis, Evi Papaioannou, Giorgos Moisiadis, Christos Kaklamanis)
  • Treatment of hollow glass bubbles with silane coupling agent. Sem on hollow glass bubbles, before and after treatment with silane coupling agent (Andrei-Ionut Perdum)
  • Effect of Serum Trace Elements in Hand Eczema Patients in Sulaimani Province: A Case-Control Study (Nasrin Sulaiman Hamad, Diary Ibrahim Tofiq)
  • Physical and Geochemical Assessment of Limestone of Amran Group in Arhab Area-North Sana'a For Industrial Uses (Ali M. Qaid, Naji Alqubati, Ali M. Al-Hawbani)
  • First record of the tail bifurcation in Colobosauroides cearensis (Tatiana Feitosa Quirino)
  • Biological monitoring of heavy metals in blood of Kerman residents, southeast of Iran (Azam Rajabi, Majid Aghasi, Ali Akbar Roodbari)
  • Combination activity of antibiotics and herbal formulations against select bacterial pathogenic organisms (Kenneth Emeka Nwanekwu)
  • Evaluation of Immunization Efficacy for Cell Wall Fraction Antigen Separated from Clinical Isolate of Candida albicans (Nada Fadhil Abbas, Prof. Dr. Wafaa Sadoon Shani , Asst. Prof. Dr. Inaam M. Alrubyae)
  • Victimisation of Married Pakistani Women from Three Types of Aggression Perpetrated by their Mother-in-Law, and Mental Health Concomitants (Taalia Khan, Karin Österman, Kaj Björkqvist)
  • Determining the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Groundwater in 4th District of Kabul City, Afghanistan: A cross-sectional study (Fahima Sharifi, Mohibullah Salih)
  • The Strategy of The Local Government of Bali Province in Handling Disaster due to The COVID-19 Pandemic (Anwar Kurniadi, Fauzi Bahar, Aida Rahma Savitri)
  • Vitals E-Medic Plus: An Open-Source Hardware (OSH) Derived Work Medical Device for A Cloud-based Patient Monitoring System (Dr. Evans B. Sansolis, Dr. Loreto B. Damasco, Jr., Engr. Lea M. Gabawa)
  • Paradigms of programming languages and the difficulty of organizing the Algorithms and Data Structures course (Gregory Korotenko, Leonid Korotenko)
  • The Role Of Sustainability Innovations And E- Bussiness, In Achieving Firm Performance With A Sustainable Competitive Advantage As Mediation (I Gusti Ayu Diah Dhyanasaridewi, Yvonne Augustine)
  • Performance Analysis of Hydrocarbon Wells Based on the Skin Zone (Sudad H Al-Obaidi, Falah H Khalaf, Hiba H Alwan)
  • Computer on - line to study the energy issue among collisions (Alion Alizoti)
  • Radicalization through social networks during the pandemic (Cătălina Frățilă)

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